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Sounds of the Dawn Guest Host Northern Ashram NTS Radio December 9th 2017

East – Lélegzet
Barry Cleveland – Abrasax
Renato Anselmi – Mercato Fenicio
Ron Boots – Breath The Living Air
Francis Moneyman – Getting Ready
Jean-Luc Ponty – Dreamy Eyes
Suzanne Ciani & Vangelis – Malibuzios
Hans-Joachim Roedelius – Draußen Vorbei
Unknown – Untitled
Jon Anderson – QoQuaq En Transic / Naon / Transic To
Blair French – Trans Earth Injection
Camel – Changing Places
Jorge Reyes – A La Izquierda Del Colibri
Warren Defever & Johnny Evans – Infinity Mirror
Renato Anselmi – Foro Romano
Michel Magne Éléments – Voyage En Eau Profonde
Osamu – Yesterday & Karma
Rhucle – Cicada
Paul Winter Consort – The Promise Of A Fisherman (Iemanja)
Gianni Sposito – Zach
Wally Shorts – Clouds
Jorge Reyes – Sazilakab
Tornado Wallace – Healing Feeling
Amakudari – Caves
David Darling – Bells & Gongs

Sounds of the Dawn Guest Host Inner Travels NTS Radio November 17th 2017

David Miles Huber – Hidden Cove
Michael Hammer/Yahoel – Opening Awareness of Inner Planes
Eco-Voyage – Cloud Fantasy
The Ultimate New Age Experience – The Mystic Sea
Ashan – Life Abounding (Harps & Rain)
Scott Fitzgerald – Bamboo Waterfall: Wind Chimes & Bells (Program 1)
Craig Kupka – Crystals
Sunmoonstar – Lyrebird
Imaginary Softwoods – The Suncoast Digest
softest – forever is a distance (part 1)
Jonn Serrie – Breath of the Valley
Kamal – Heart Initiation

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio July 22nd 2017

Gas – Zauberberg 1
Bitchin Bajas – Asian Carp
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Something Blue
H Takahashi – Bathtub
Sunmoonstar – Traveling Circle
Sunhiilow – Esprit Nomade
Les Halles – Transient
Barry Cleveland – Sophia
Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Love And Glory
Harold Budd & Brian Eno – An Arc Of Doves
Elizabeth Fraser, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie, and Simon Raymonde – The Ghost Has No Home
Forest Fang – Lowland Dream
Softest – Keep Moving
McCoy Tyner – Celestial Chant
Roberto Mazza – Esperidi
Liz Durette – 1
Les Gabriel LaHeart – Flying Dolphins

Tides of Time – A Sunmoonstar Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Ivy Meadows – Aquari
Claude Larson – Software Industry
Joanna Brouk – Playing in The Water
Kazumi Watanabe – Rain
Hiroyuki Namba – Ohtori
Time Rival – Hold You
Emerald Web – Flight Of The Raven
Belbury Poly – The Geography of Peace
Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin – People of The Wind Pt. 2
J.P. Wright – Light Arrow
Michael Stearns – Ancient Leaves
Kane Pour – Mayapple’s Dream
Sally Oldfield – Water Bearer
Pauline Anna Strom – Emerald Pool
Alan Hawkshaw – Sky 2
Tanoshii Moomin Ikka – Song of Lady of the Cold
Suzanne Ciani – Aegean Wave
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Ascendant

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio May 27th 2017

Sananjaleen – The Crystal Star
Don G. Campbell – Crystallite
Deuter – Alchemy
Zavijava Orchestra – Harmonic Ripples
Iasos – Cloud Prayer
Al Gomer Khan – Konya
Tranquil Moods – Shangri-la
Robert Julian Horky & Richard Sells – Path Of Virtue
Steve Roach, David Hudson & Sarah Hopkins – Red Dust & Sweat

Clearing – An Alex Crispin Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Yes – Awaken (excerpt)
Mike Oldfield – Incantations (Part Two)
Popol Vuh – The Garden Morya
Jorge Reyes & Suso Sáiz – Saltatrás Cuarterón
By Your Grace – Beaver & Krause
Bill Nelson – Little Daughters of Light
Caroline Peyton – Call of the Wild
Mark Charig w/Keith Tippett – Pipedream
Paul Fishman – P.O.B 734
John Williams – The Patronus Light
John Williams – Inside the Mansion
Rainer Brüninghaus – Elbow Room
Michael Stearns – Chronos Main Theme
John Williams – Promise To Hap
Yes – Awaken (excerpt)

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio March 4th 2017

Max Lasser’s Ark – Awakening
Fred Simon – Time And The River
Patrick O’Hearn – Forever The Optimist
Jon Goin – In My Imagination
David Gilden – Ancestral Voices
Michael Pluznick – Time Caravan
Richard Burmer – Ave Pladaelio
Erik Wøllo – Dark Eyed Drums
Yanni – Looking Glass
Jean-Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood
Mark Isham – Tibet pt.I
Andreas Vollenweider – Pyramid / In The Wood / In The Bright Light
Peter Mergener – Harmony With Nature
W’s – In The Beginning
Michael Hedges – Spare Change
Jerry Goodman – Waltz Of The Windmills
Spiral – Elements
Ralf Illenberger – Horizons II
Richard Souther – Nightseasons
Azuma – Happiness And Prosperity
One – Earth Calling
Yoshio Suzuki – Valpolicella
Michael Shrieve / David Beal – Unspeakable Dawn

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio February 4th 2017

Hawaii’s Humpbacks – Social Sounds
Third Eye Music – The Path
Mike Lundy – Prelude: First Light
Gerardo Maza – Odyssey
Snail Nerve Cells – Unknown Title
Robert ÆOLUS Myers – Caren’s Pau Hana
Sulubika – African Samurai
Bob Kindler – Devotional
ÆOLUS – Deep
Dennis Graue – Seven Sacred Pools
Moonbaths – Soothsayer
ÆOLUS – Talking in concert
Voyage – Unknown Title
Voyage – Hawaiian Chant
Haku – Na’u, Ke Kukuna O Ka La
Moonbaths – Not In Lightning (excerpt)
Tor Dietrichson ‎– Global Village
Steve Kindler & Teja Bell – Windsurfer
Steve Kindler & Paul Lloyd Warner – Ancient of Days
Bob Kindler – Patience
Davo – July 11, 1991
Hawaii’s Humpbacks – Social Sounds

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio December 10th 2016

Klaus Schonning – Cygnus
Mark Egan / Danny Gottlieb – Electric Fields
John Serrie – Iridani
Vangelis – Theme From Antartica
Interior – Hot Beach
Bob Kindler – Wonder
Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith – City Cruise
Tangerine Dream – Charly The Kid
Stephen Rhodes – Enchanted Sleep
Chris Spheeris – Midflight
Deuter – Point Reyes
Johannes Schmoelling – Kneeplay No. 9
Jim McGrath – Liquid Calm
Paul Speer – Allegro / Andante
Giles Reaves – Wunjo
Andy Summers – The Lost Marbles
Tim Story – The Next Oasis
The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love

Matthew Barlow – Sound Meditations

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A word on my process and overall concept when I was doing these “sound meditations”: Each one generally only had one track, and everything was improvised live and recorded in one take with no overdubs. Once the track was exported and posted online, the original master was deleted. This method was a practice of “calm abiding” with sound in the present moment, allowing what would arise to come and go. It wasn’t about creating a piece of music but rather about practicing a particular state of mind. It was one of my most freeing and rewarding experiences in making music, and I’m honored that it has been enjoyed by so many. This one is dedicated to the present moment and to the peace that can be found there provided we just listen.

Very special thanks to Sounds of the Dawn, Steve Targo, and Kyle Landstra – without your inspiration, this music would not be possible.

“The heart surrenders everything to the present moment. The mind judges and holds back.” – Ram Dass

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Guidance #3


Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator

This concept EP was written specially for a contemporary one-act ballet “Closer to the Equator” (choreography by Milana Komarova) at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, Latvia. The plot is based on BBC nature documentaries about survival fight and unparelleled diversity of wildlife in the tropical rainforest during the day. Working on every track, were taken into account and carefully observed character, form, behavior and actions of an animal or a plant, endowing each character and its actions with a certain timbre, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and a symbolic motif or a vocal part.

Gaia Mix Tape – A Sign Libra Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator Digital Release September 30th

Finis Africae – Segundos, Segundos, Segundos
Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica
Dean Blunt – Eight
Λένα Πλάτωνος – Αιμάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση
Robert Aeolus Myers – Jungle Love
Wally Badarou – Keys
Union Jack – Water Drums
Seahawks – Aqua Disco Nights
Himekami – Isle Of Gold & Silver
Iasos – The Temples Of Olympus At Dawn
Clifford White – Ballet Of The Ripple Skaters
Sign Libra – Intro/Tropical Plantarum
Anugama – Spirit Of The Forest
Michal Turtle – Astral Decoy
Phil Manzanera – Listen Now (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Unlimited Financial Resources Mix)
うたかたの日々– 心臓の扉
Beautiful World – Magicien Du Bonheur