Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio March 4th 2017

Max Lasser’s Ark – Awakening
Fred Simon – Time And The River
Patrick O’Hearn – Forever The Optimist
Jon Goin – In My Imagination
David Gilden – Ancestral Voices
Michael Pluznick – Time Caravan
Richard Burmer – Ave Pladaelio
Erik Wøllo – Dark Eyed Drums
Yanni – Looking Glass
Jean-Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood
Mark Isham – Tibet pt.I
Andreas Vollenweider – Pyramid / In The Wood / In The Bright Light
Peter Mergener – Harmony With Nature
W’s – In The Beginning
Michael Hedges – Spare Change
Jerry Goodman – Waltz Of The Windmills
Spiral – Elements
Ralf Illenberger – Horizons II
Richard Souther – Nightseasons
Azuma – Happiness And Prosperity
One – Earth Calling
Yoshio Suzuki – Valpolicella
Michael Shrieve / David Beal – Unspeakable Dawn