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Lunaria – All Is Dream

All Is Dream by Lunaria Cassette Out Now Music Daniel Guillen Mastered Sean Conrad Photo Ana Cabaleiro Words The Hum lost in a sea of sound Microphones In The Trees

Contemplation – A Lunaria Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Tracklist Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith – Celestial Cathedral Inner Travels – Radiant Sunrise Mountains – Below Buchikamashi – Superbrain Side A Les Halles – Illusion of Movement Andrew Weathers – We Can Only Speak to the Future Nawang Khechog – Year of Tibet Meta […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio July 23rd 2016

Tracklist Mei Saraswati – Patience in Adversity, Generosity in Prosperity Lunaria – Playing In The Clouds Inner Travels – Joyful X.Y.R. – Conquistador Matthew Barlow – Sun vidnaObmana & Alio Die ‎– Echo Passage

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio June 25th 2016

Tracklist Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays – As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls Shadowfax – Oriental Eyes Rubaja And Hernandez – Forest Michael Shrieve / Steve Roach -Big Sky Mark Isham – Raffles In Rio David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Flux Eddie Henderson […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio May 28th 2016

Tracklist A Sound Sculptured Environment – Motion Thomas Massari – Traveling In Time Steve Kindler – Back Country D Andrew Rath – Matrix Solaria – Gates Of Morning Michael Hammer – Soul Planes Star Zeit – Birth Of Light Bhagavad X – Elysian Beaches

Guidance #2

Clear Seeing by Inner Travels Hatha by Matthew Barlow Jeweled Moon Codex by Kyle Landstra waves t*pes vol.2 by x.y.r. Body Trip by H Takahashi Five Cambridge Utilities by L'eoscombu Couti They Mean No Harm by Orra

Guidance #1

Blue Light by Inner Travels variables of resolve by kyle landstra Atitlán by Rod Hamilton SD16 – Opaline "Music for Liquid Interiors" by Opaline Thee Omega Seed by 555 Ocean Terminal by Meta Mora

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio April 2nd 2016

Tracklist Matthew James – High Above Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Ever New Inner Travels – Bakasyiong VI Inner Islands Mix start Julianna Barwick – Crystal Lake Eluvium – Bending Dream Infinite Body – A Fool Persists Ernst Reijseger – Ostinato #2 Mkwaju Ensemble – Hot Air […]

Hidden Worlds

Tracklist Do’a – Companions Of The Crimson Coloured Ark Peter Moffitt – Destination Bernardo Rubaja – Passion Fruit Lyle Mays – Teiko Oregon – Hand in hand Oystein Sevag – Horizon Mark Egan – Ocean Views Robert Rich & Steve Roach – Fearless Shadowfax – […]