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Tides of Time – A Sunmoonstar Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Ivy Meadows – Aquari
Claude Larson – Software Industry
Joanna Brouk – Playing in The Water
Kazumi Watanabe – Rain
Hiroyuki Namba – Ohtori
Time Rival – Hold You
Emerald Web – Flight Of The Raven
Belbury Poly – The Geography of Peace
Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin – People of The Wind Pt. 2
J.P. Wright – Light Arrow
Michael Stearns – Ancient Leaves
Kane Pour – Mayapple’s Dream
Sally Oldfield – Water Bearer
Pauline Anna Strom – Emerald Pool
Alan Hawkshaw – Sky 2
Tanoshii Moomin Ikka – Song of Lady of the Cold
Suzanne Ciani – Aegean Wave
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Ascendant

Clearing – An Alex Crispin Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Yes – Awaken (excerpt)
Mike Oldfield – Incantations (Part Two)
Popol Vuh – The Garden Morya
Jorge Reyes & Suso Sáiz – Saltatrás Cuarterón
By Your Grace – Beaver & Krause
Bill Nelson – Little Daughters of Light
Caroline Peyton – Call of the Wild
Mark Charig w/Keith Tippett – Pipedream
Paul Fishman – P.O.B 734
John Williams – The Patronus Light
John Williams – Inside the Mansion
Rainer Brüninghaus – Elbow Room
Michael Stearns – Chronos Main Theme
John Williams – Promise To Hap
Yes – Awaken (excerpt)

Gaia Mix Tape – A Sign Libra Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator Digital Release September 30th

Finis Africae – Segundos, Segundos, Segundos
Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica
Dean Blunt – Eight
Λένα Πλάτωνος – Αιμάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση
Robert Aeolus Myers – Jungle Love
Wally Badarou – Keys
Union Jack – Water Drums
Seahawks – Aqua Disco Nights
Himekami – Isle Of Gold & Silver
Iasos – The Temples Of Olympus At Dawn
Clifford White – Ballet Of The Ripple Skaters
Sign Libra – Intro/Tropical Plantarum
Anugama – Spirit Of The Forest
Michal Turtle – Astral Decoy
Phil Manzanera – Listen Now (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Unlimited Financial Resources Mix)
うたかたの日々– 心臓の扉
Beautiful World – Magicien Du Bonheur

Contemplation – A Lunaria Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith – Celestial Cathedral
Inner Travels – Radiant Sunrise
Mountains – Below
Buchikamashi – Superbrain Side A
Les Halles – Illusion of Movement
Andrew Weathers – We Can Only Speak to the Future
Nawang Khechog – Year of Tibet
Meta Mora – Eye of the Eagle: Final Flight
Plants – A Hidden World Exposes
Alice Damon – Waterfall Winds
Lucette Bourdin – River Song

Hidden Worlds

Do’a – Companions Of The Crimson Coloured Ark
Peter Moffitt – Destination
Bernardo Rubaja – Passion Fruit
Lyle Mays – Teiko
Oregon – Hand in hand
Oystein Sevag – Horizon
Mark Egan – Ocean Views
Robert Rich & Steve Roach – Fearless
Shadowfax – Ariki (Hummingbird Spirit)
Steve Kindler – Automatic Writing
Patrick O’Hearn – Ancient Dreams

Healing Journey – An Inner Travels Mix For Sounds Of The Dawn

Healing Journey – An Inner Travels Mix For Sounds Of The Dawn by Soundsofthedawn on Mixcloud

1 Steven Halpern – Crystal Visions
2 Bruce Kurnow – Sea of Rains
3 Reed Maidenberg – As Above, So Below
4 Shem Emmanuel – Massage Meditation Side 2, Song 1
5 William Aura – Journey
6 Peter Howell – Silver Journeys
7 Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings – Adrift
8 Robert Schwimmer – Brain Sync’s Deep Meditation excerpt
9 Peter Buffett – Empire Builder
10 Karunesh – Sounds of the Heart II
11 Steve Gruskin – Interludes: Hidden Lake excerpt
12 Robert Rich – Mbira

Star Charts Volume 2

Star Charts – Sounds of the Dawn New Age Mix 2 by Soundsofthedawn on Mixcloud

Danna & Clement – To the Land Beneath the Waves
Chris Spheeris / Paul Voudouris – Prism
Robert Schroeder – Frozen Breath of Life
Double Fantasy – Endless Running
Peter Davison – Forest II
Emerald Web – Ice Caves
Celestial Odysseys – Daystar
David & Steve Gordon – Sunlight Through the Trees
Daniel Kobialka – Space Camp