Matthew Barlow – Sound Meditations

Sound Meditations by Matthew Barlow A word on my process and overall concept when I was doing these “sound meditations”: Each one generally only had one track, and everything was improvised live and recorded in one take with no overdubs. Once the track was exported […]

Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator

Closer to the Equator by Sign Libra This concept EP was written specially for a contemporary one-act ballet “Closer to the Equator” (choreography by Milana Komarova) at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, Latvia. The plot is based on BBC nature documentaries about survival fight […]

Lunaria – All Is Dream

All Is Dream by Lunaria Cassette Out Now Music Daniel Guillen Mastered Sean Conrad Photo Ana Cabaleiro Words The Hum lost in a sea of sound Microphones In The Trees

Hybrid Palms – Pacific Image

Pacific Image by Hybrid Palms Music Konstantin Skolnikov Mastered Erik Maluchnik Words Weed Temple Guide Me Little Tape Microphones In The Trees The Hum Tiny Mix Tapes Optimistic Underground