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Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio August 19th 2017

Tracklist Gianfranco Grilli – Al Tramonto Robert Rich – Guilin Jorge Reyes & Suso Sáiz – Saltatrás Cuarterón Mo Boma – Jijimuge One Aglaia – The Mysterious Fish Named Kun Alio Die & Lingua Fungi – Down The Sun Trail Vidna Obmana – Aqua 2b […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio July 22nd 2017

Tracklist Gas – Zauberberg 1 Bitchin Bajas – Asian Carp Hiroshi Yoshimura – Something Blue H Takahashi – Bathtub Sunmoonstar – Traveling Circle Sunhiilow – Esprit Nomade Les Halles – Transient Barry Cleveland – Sophia Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Love And Glory Harold […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio June 24th 2017

Tracklist Spencer Clark – The Stimulated Australia Ruven Nunez – As Above So Below Matthew Barlow – Sound Meditation X David Edren – Dance Of The Codariocalyx Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal – Calico Altars Altars – Before We Dive Tuluum Shimmering – The Edge […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio May 27th 2017

Tracklist Sananjaleen – The Crystal Star Don G. Campbell – Crystallite Deuter – Alchemy Zavijava Orchestra – Harmonic Ripples Iasos – Cloud Prayer Al Gomer Khan – Konya Tranquil Moods – Shangri-la Robert Julian Horky & Richard Sells – Path Of Virtue Steve Roach, David […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio April 29th 2017

Tracklist Popol Vuh – Take The Tension High (Intro) Scott Fitzgerald – Bamboo Waterfall Rudiger Gleisberg – Samadhi Michael Mantra – Breaking From Winter Klaus Wiese & Ted de Jong – The Night Eberhard Schoener – Nadi Roy Whenary – Dawn Mist Popol Vuh – […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio April 1st 2017

Tracklist Alex Crispin – Guide Blind Rod Hamilton – Dance 1-4 Location Services – Per Diem Ashan – Star City Grace Leslie – Vessel No. 1 Ivy Meadows – White Desert (Song for Ted) Günter Schlienz- Treehut Vision

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio March 4th 2017

Tracklist Max Lasser’s Ark – Awakening Fred Simon – Time And The River Patrick O’Hearn – Forever The Optimist Jon Goin – In My Imagination David Gilden – Ancestral Voices Michael Pluznick – Time Caravan Richard Burmer – Ave Pladaelio Erik Wøllo – Dark Eyed […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio February 4th 2017

Tracklist Hawaii’s Humpbacks – Social Sounds Third Eye Music – The Path Mike Lundy – Prelude: First Light Gerardo Maza – Odyssey Snail Nerve Cells – Unknown Title Robert ÆOLUS Myers – Caren’s Pau Hana Sulubika – African Samurai Bob Kindler – Devotional ÆOLUS – […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio December 10th 2016

Tracklist Klaus Schonning – Cygnus Mark Egan / Danny Gottlieb – Electric Fields John Serrie – Iridani Vangelis – Theme From Antartica Interior – Hot Beach Bob Kindler – Wonder Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith – City Cruise Tangerine Dream – Charly The Kid Stephen […]

Matthew Barlow – Sound Meditations

Sound Meditations by Matthew Barlow A word on my process and overall concept when I was doing these “sound meditations”: Each one generally only had one track, and everything was improvised live and recorded in one take with no overdubs. Once the track was exported […]

Sounds of the Dawn NTS Radio November 12th 2016

Tracklist Richard Beaulac – I Deal With Silence Daniel Lentz – O-Ke-Wa Christaal – Ocean Sunrise Runestone – The Moon’s Gift Third Eye Music – Blue Phantoms Moonstone – Lavender Down Pharista – Meeting Beyond The Sky Clifford White – Dandelions Don Robertson – Oracle […]

Guidance #3

SR020: Sunmoonstar x Inner Travels by Scenic Rhythms Arc of the Sun by Meta Mora 2015 LP by Westerbur & Rowe Valve / Valve (Revisited) by Visible Cloaks The First Five Years by Arthur Colvin

Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator

Closer to the Equator by Sign Libra This concept EP was written specially for a contemporary one-act ballet “Closer to the Equator” (choreography by Milana Komarova) at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, Latvia. The plot is based on BBC nature documentaries about survival fight […]

Gaia Mix Tape – A Sign Libra Mix for Sounds of the Dawn

Sign Libra – Closer To The Equator Digital Release September 30th Tracklist Finis Africae – Segundos, Segundos, Segundos Andreas Vollenweider – Caverna Magica Dean Blunt – Eight Λένα Πλάτωνος – Αιμάτινες Σκιές Από Απόσταση Robert Aeolus Myers – Jungle Love Wally Badarou – Keys Union […]